Without their support, this event would not be possible.

The Provincial Council of Pontevedra works every day to promote the development of the province in an egalitarian and transparent way, always hand in hand with the neighbors and in close collaboration with the 61 municipalities that compose it.


An economic potential turned Vigo into the first city of Galicia, according to population, social, industrial, business, commercial and employment indicators. The city of Vigo meets all the requirements that make it a unique business opportunity, recognized nationally and internationally.


The Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) is the body of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in charge of promoting and disseminating music, dance, theater and circus in Spain, as well as favoring their projection abroad.


Fundación AISGE is a non-profit organization established by AISGE in 2002 for the development, among other purposes, of welfare and promotional activities for the benefit of audiovisual performers.